DS Wings
A secure Cloud based legal case management software that is fast becoming the computing model for law firms of all sizes to store, manage and protect their clients’ case files.

With Wings® you are always one click away from your office.


  • Automated email communication with clients
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Veteran’s Law Option
  • Document Management & Sharing
  • Telephone & Email Support
  • Chat & Messaging Feature
  • Client Portal – allows clients to view their case status online
  • Common SSA Forms Provided
  • Standard + Custom Templates
  • Standard + Report Wizard: to create your own reports
  • Disability Planners Integration Option
  • Atlasware Integration Option
  • Release Point Integration Option
  • Leading Response Integration Option
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Records Notes & Deadlines
  • 24/7 Cloud Based Access
  • Compatable with MAC & iPad
  • Free Initial Training
  • Easy Data Migration from Existing Databases
  • SSL Encryption
  • HIPAA Compliant


OverviewAdministrationAwards & PaymentsSecurityAddress Book


Eliminate costly phone calls and deliver effective and exceptional client service with superior software features.
Client PortalEngage clients and share important information in real-time with our interactive client platform.
Email AutomationProvide instantaneous updates for each level of appeal with emails generated by one click of a button.
Internal ChatEnhance collaboration and optimize team communication simultaneously with our office chat feature.


Streamline your workflow and maximize productivity with an intuitive and flexible system that adapts to you.
Document MergesAutomatically populate documents to reduce tedious steps and provide dynamic content customization.
StoreCentralize and organize data for instant access in our comprehensive file management system.
Forms & TemplatesCustomize templates and add letters to suit your firm or save time with our standard forms and countless letters.


Gain strategic insights into your firm’s performance and increase profitability with proactive and powerful tools.
Report WizardEffortlessly compile your data and create individualized reports. Track information important to your firm.
Time & BillingQuickly record everything in clients’ files and generate comprehensive reports to maximize billable hours.
CalendarIntegrated calendar merges tasks, automates dates, and deadlines, and view your entire team’s schedule.


Boost efficiency and simplify internal processes so that you can focus on what you o best…practice law.
Drag, Drop & SaveSkip unnecessary uploading steps by easily moving documents from your desktop to view in the program.
Crocodile HandshakeImport sales leads automatically to accelerate your growth and generate more revenue.
Easy MigrationGet started in minutes, nothing to install, easy transfer of existing data if needed.


Top-level protection designed with the safety of your sensitive data in mind.
Physical & Technical SafeguardsBuilt-in controls and work station security ensures full HIPAA compliance.
Bank-Grade SecurityHighest level of encryption offers vigorous protection f your data and safe transmission of information.
SafetyExtensive back-ups performed daily on secure U.S.-based servers guarantees your data is never lost.